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19 Oct, 2021
Looks Matter: Why Staging a Home is Important

In 2017, 31% of real estate agents agreed that home staging is effective. Home staging resulted in a 1% to 5% sale increase during that period. Now that we’re in 2021, about 5% to 10% increase has been seen in home prices because of home staging. With these facts, home staging is set to continue to be of important in the real estate industry.

Home Staging: What experts have to say?

When potential buyers visit a home, they will either love it or leave it. That first impression is key.

Getting It Right: Home Staging Steps

Keep in mind that the idea of home staging is to make buyers picture themselves living in the house. Therefore, make sure to do these steps and ace house selling through staging those properties!

Go Outside

Going outside means “Curb Appeal.” The house’s exterior is as important as the interior. Home staging experts suggest that the way to an excellent first impression is curb appeal. Most of the time, buyers tend to drive around the house and check if it’s worth visiting. When the curb appeal does not appeal to buyers, they will not continue into the home itself.

It’s Impressive When It’s Clean

House cleaning

Getting the house clean may not be the easiest or cheapest out of all the steps. But, it’s the most important! Not only will it speak about the owner, but it will also speak about the house’s worth.

For better work, sellers can hire professional cleaners.

Get rid of all the clutter

All the unnecessary stuff must go away – buyers don’t need them and don’t want to see them. Much as agents like to accentuate the house, sometimes less is more.

It’s The Buyer, Not You


Frankly, home staging is all about the buyer. The house is already for sale, so the decorations should be inviting to all kinds of buyers. How can agents/sellers do it?

For instance, limit personal photos or anything that is too specific to the sellers. The reality is the house is being sold already. So, any personal items are out of sight now.

Pick the buyer’s curiosity

The number one goal is to make potential buyers want to visit the entire home. It means keeping their interests alive. So, the best way to do it is to put out anything eye-catchy.

For instance, put a piece of artwork at the top of the stairs – or any colorful design. That way, buyers would want to look at it and see more of the house.

Choosing the right decorations

Balance the colors and furniture

Learn how to balance the perfect color combination of fun and neutral colors. It must be pleasant to the eyes, so colors must be in harmony.

Try to apply the 60-30-10 rule. Here’s how it goes:

  • 60% dominant colors (Neutral hues)

30% complementary colors (Neutral but subdued; dark gray or semi-dark blue, for example)

10% vibrant and fun colors (These are mostly for pillows and wall decors.)

The Bottom Line

Moreover, choosing the right furniture is also essential. This helps set the mood of the house. Is the home for a big family? For newly married couples? Or for single and professionals? Always keep a closer look at what furniture fits best the style and vibes of the house. Neutral and timeless is best if up in the air!

Aside from being a great way to sell a home faster, home staging is a great way to tell stories too. As real estate agents it’s not only important to show off a nice home but, also entice buyers through the steps above. Get those homes sold with staging well!


Alicia Bryant-Mayes

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