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22 Sep, 2021
Five Ways to Relieve First Time Home Buyer Stress

Buying a home is stressful, whether it’s your first home or your fifth home. From researching a home to the closing process, it is a daunting task. This is where experience can help. But for first-time home buyers, seek all the advice they can. As an agent, this is where you can truly leave an impact on clients. By guiding them through the process and providing these five helpful tips, you can help make the process for first-time home buyers that much easier.

1. Set your budget early

The first order of business should always be setting the budget. Your clients should have a good understanding of what they can afford. They should also have money set to the side for home repairs and other various needs. This also keeps expectations realistic and prevents clients from reaching for those more expensive homes. Once they are done setting the budget, consult with your clients on what neighborhoods fall into their budget.

2. Do your research

Once the clients have decided which neighborhoods they want to live in, get started on researching. Gathering information about schools, crime rates, and what is around the neighborhood is vital. This information is amongst the most important for home buyers and first-time buyers need to know what to look for. Having as much information as possible about the homes for the clients will relieve them of unwanted stress. You can separate yourself from the pack through your research.

3. There are plenty of options

We have all had a moment in our lives where we want something so bad, yet we don’t end up getting it. This can happen to first time home buyers as they can be unfamiliar with not getting a house. While they might feel like all hope is lost, remind them that there are still plenty of options to choose from. Help the client through this process by making sure that they don’t get too attached to one singular house, as first time home buyers don’t realize that they aren’t the only ones looking at these homes. As they keep their expectations realistic, they won’t get too disappointed if they don’t get their first choice on a home. By the time the client finds their dream home, the pain of losing out on the previous home will be in their rearview mirror.

4. Be patient

Buying Homes can take longer than expected. First time home buyers will not be used to the timeline. This is where you come in. As an agent, keep them updated on the status of the home, any inspections, new homes on the market, and anything else the client might be worried about. While it is stressful at first, waiting is ultimately the smartest thing a first time home buyer can do. They will benefit from taking their time, as good things come to those who wait.

5. Remain calm

During this whole process, remind the client to do things that will keep them calm. The client already has a lot on their plate and buying a home can be a huge source of stress. Clients should look for ways to relax while they are waiting on the closing process. Send the client a list of ways to stay calm during this time to make sure they aren’t overthinking things. You as an agent should also stay calm.

Once the home is sold, it is a time of celebrating all the hard work that you have put in. By utilizing these tips, you can take the stress out of first time home buyers and leave a template for them to use in the future.


Alicia Bryant-Mayes

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