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My name is Alicia and I am not new to Denver. I was born and raised in the Denver area and I can help you sell or buy a home in Castle Rock, Hilltop, Aurora, Park Hill, Green Valley Ranch, Montbello, Montclair, Central Park, and the Greater Denver area!

About Alicia

Don’t get sidetracked by the hair…it’s my thing! No matter what style I am wearing, Straight, Curled or in it’s a naturally curly state, you will see me helping others. Helping others is also my thing and singing is another! If you are like me, you have quite a few “things”… you know, those special little quirks that make you, YOU. Well since I was a little girl these three “things” have always been a big part of my character and life story. I began my career working for State Farm insurance right out of college. Each claim, file or transaction allowed me to personalize and help my customers to begin the process of putting their lives back together after bad and tragic life incidents. However, during my time in the corporate arena, I began to notice the link between self-care and it affects on our lives, such as stress and the way we view ourselves, which lead me to another way to help. After work and on the weekends, I obtained my licenses to provide nail, skincare and hair services. I soon after opened a successful salon, which is still in operation today. Of course, we continue to add services, such as hair replacement and trichology services as we are always looking for ways to make others look and feel their best.

My next opportunity to help others came after experiencing the real estate buying and selling process for myself and hearing the numerous stories from clients about misconduct and lack of concern for their individual needs. From what I heard from my clients, friends and family, there was a need for Real Estate representation that was honest, effective and trustworthy. So, I once again set out on a journey to find a way to bless others and began my real estate career. To help those that need to sell their home due to changes that life throws our way, without the stress and overwhelmed feelings that many experience, to help military families with all of the special circumstances involved with deployment and to help mothers, minorities and all those who want an honest advocate that will fight to get them the home that they deserve was and is my goal. I guess I have always been for the underdog and in my life…I want to see the underdog win…just like in movies. You know when the guy gets the girl and the least likely to succeed ends up on top! Let’s make things clear…You’re the guy that gets the girl…I am just the sidekick that helps make it happen.

In my youth, my mother and grandmother taught me as they believed, and I believe the same, God does not bless you with your gifts and talents to keep it all to yourself. He blesses you to bless others. I am on this earth to bless others and I work diligently daily to help others look better, feel better and build generational wealth for themselves and their families. I am a wealth builder. I want to help you build generational wealth for you and your family. My goal is to be your Real Estate Advisor for life, not just for one transaction. As I believe that “Building Wealth is not by Accident”! So, If you want more than just a transaction, let us here at TEAM VIP work with you! I am excited and honored to work to make your dreams of home-ownership and real estate investments come to life.

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